„nature is a strong, mysterious force with which it behooves us to remain on good terms. I maintain on-going contact. Regardless of how insignificant my work may be, I never turn my back on nature. So as not to fantasize heedlessly and hence risk vanishing into a thoughtless void on a veritable flight from nature.

All manners of painting demand adamant focus on strict, „positive“ positioning in arranging elements within a picture. Exactly this aspect is the most endangered for the „naturalist“ painter. Striving for possibilities, truth in replication of reality-naturalness and expression often neglects precisely those rules and regulations as described by Cézanne. Art does not lie in the content, but rather in the interplay of color, shading and contrast. This problem seems most readily solved by the abstract painters of the day, whose work probably prevails worldwide for this reason. Where this current movement will take us is beyond me and I am certainly not able to grasp its full spiritual magnitude... “

(Hans Purrmann, in: Die Pfälzer Kunst, 1954)

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